victories.jpgOur community celebrates the growth of social awareness of pregnancy and infant loss. There have been a number of advances in Western countries, recognizing the extent of such loss.

Throughout history, social taboos and barriers have broken down as awareness grows. Awareness results in a society which is more informed and educated (in general). As a result, the society adopts a more realistic and helpful attitude towards the issue which used to be suffered in silence and isolation. This in turn leads to less suffering, and better outcomes in terms of medical advances. With more research into preventable pregnancy and infant loss, it stands to reason that more babies will survive.

Under 'Categories', we welcome you to browse at the victories that have so far been witnessed. We also welcome you to look at petitions that are currently being gathered, to lobby for more awareness, research, etc.

As new victories are won, they will be announced too. Doing so will provide visitors to this website with up to date information, as well as celebration of these victories.

Please note that this website has only three objectives:

  • to promote awareness of the extent of pregnancy and infant loss, and current research into this area;
  • to support people who have suffered from pregnancy or infant loss: parents, family & friends; and
  • to provide useful information and resources: to parents, family & friends, and professionals

Therefore, is not affiliated with any organisation, and does not wish to enter into any controversy. We publish all petitions which we consider to be acceptable and helpful in terms of raising awareness of pregnancy and infant loss.

We welcome you to submit comments and articles that celebrate these victories, as well as those that inspire more to come about.

Of utmost importance is our RED ALERT section -- with information that saves babies' lives.