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Penny is mother to 3 children, and the survivor of one miscarriage. She is an author of two published children's books. Penny also breeds alpacas, and enjoys gardening.

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Please Don’t Ask Us, Ask your Doctor

If you’re pregnant and want to know the symptoms of miscarriage, ask your doctor. Don’t ask someone who has had a miscarriage

We Almost got Divorced when our Baby Died

Different people react in different ways to the death of their baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or postnatal causes. For a couple, this can be enormously stressful, and can even seriously threaten their relationship.

If it was "only" a miscarriage, then why am I so upset?

Many people don’t think of miscarriage as the death of a baby. Instead, they often view it as a common event, and as the end of a pregnancy. As a result, parents who have suffered a miscarriage often believe they shouldn't be upset – even that they don’t have the right to feel any pain.

Where to Find Hope and Support for Bereaved Parents

The Compassionate Friends is a world-wide charity for bereaved parents. They provide hope, healing and resources. There’s no pressure; it’s all very relaxed. And they really help you through the grief.

“It was the Product of Conception”

I understand that doctors have to emotionally detach themselves from their patients, or else they’ll lose professional objectivity. But please choose your words wisely when you're dealing with patients who have lost babies: the wrong words only make the grief worse.

Memorial Service for Bereaved Parents

A very special memorial service for bereaved families. For parents whose children have died during pregnancy (miscarriage or stillbirth), as infants, or at any age.

It Must be Easier that You Have Other Children

It’s actually just as hard to lose a baby when you already have kids, than if the baby was your first. Here’s why

There must have been something wrong with the baby.

Said with the best of intentions -- even mean to comfort -- these words actually make it even worse.

You’re Young. You have Plenty of Time to get Pregnant Again.

When a young woman loses a baby, please don’t tell her she’s lucky she’s young enough to try again. Here’s why these words don’t help, as well as options you can offer your patients that do

Blog Boards Heal

Join a blog board for pregnancy and infant loss: it helps us get through our grief more quickly