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Nicole is mother to one, stepmom to another, and survivor of 4 miscarriages. She is Marketing Director of the website design business ( that provides the technical backbone to this website.

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After Miscarriage: What do we do Now?

If you’ve lost a baby, you can have a funeral, cremation or other service. It's a special way to honour the baby, and to help you heal from the grief

SIDS: Is Hope Finally on the Horizon?

New research reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association: link confirmed between SIDS and serotonin. Hope for developing both a test for detection, and for treatment

20 Minutes of History: Full Support for IPIL Day Down Under

Tears are shed as MPs from both majority goverment and its opposition passionately support the declaration of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day across Australia

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day: a Surprise Unanimous Vote

A unanimous vote in Parliament is unusual, as what usually happens is that Opposition members vote to oppose motions from the other side of the House. But not in this exciting case. Read more

Lobbying the State and Federal Governments

Lobbying the Australian government to officially recognise 15 Oct. as International Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

What to do when a loved one “says the wrong thing”

They mean well. They care about us. But, all too often, our loved ones’ reactions to our loss actually make our grief even worse. Here’s a really effective tool – not just for coping – but for dealing with this, whenever it happens.

Iodine Deficiency Linked to Pregnancy Loss

Iodine deficiency affects fertility, increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion, and can have devastating effects on newborns and young infants. Luckily, iodine deficiency is easily preventable.

Our Very First Candle: a Personal Victory

Honouring our lost babies on Oct. 15th: International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

What You Can Do -- When You Feel so Powerless

In most cases, nothing could have prevented our pregnancy and infant loss. So we felt so very powerless. Here are ways for grieving parents to feel empowered again

The West Lags Centuries Behind in Awareness of Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Respect for grieving parents of babies has been part of Japanese culture for centuries. Here’s a window into their world, and faith in things to come for the West.