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Megan's unborn baby had anencephaly: a severe disability, with almost nil chances of survival. Those who do survive, are never conscious and have no quality of life. Megan and her husband made the extremely difficult decision to medically terminate the pregnancy.

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Baby Loss Christmas Poem

Year after year, Christmas can be a difficult time for parents who have lost babies. This poem offers comfort

I was Afraid to Look at my Deformed Baby

I just found out that my unborn baby has physical problems. Should I look at him when he is born, or use my imagination?

How to help Someone who’s had an Abortion

When a baby dies for any reason, the parents’ grief is silent. They usually don’t talk much about it, because they fear they’ll be judged – even if they couldn’t have prevented the miscarriage, stillbirth or post natal death. With abortion, it’s much worse…

Support Groups for Grieving Parents Around the World

"Compassionate Friends" has been operating for decades, providing support to parents whose babies and children have died.

The Hardest Decision of All: Whether to End a Pregnancy

Here are the right words to say -- when you find out that someone had to end a pregnancy for serious medical reasons.