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Bridget is a mother of 3 living children, who also lost 5 babies due to: miscarriage, stillbirth and complications during (full term) delivery. She and her husband have now retired from running their own business. They enjoy travelling and spending time with her grandchildren.

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Tips for Couples When Baby Dies

Tips on how to strengthen your relationship: from a couple married now for 52 years, and who lost 5 babies decades ago... (The third in a series of four related articles by Bridget)

Tips for the Dad When Baby Dies

Practical Tips from a father who lost more than one baby, and overcame the grief. The 2nd of 4 articles that help us understand each other’s grief

A Mothers Grief when Baby Dies

“My partner does not seem to understand how I’m feeling.” The first of 4 articles written to help us understand what’s going on for each other

Getting Over the Loss of Your Baby

Everyone works through grief at their own pace. Hope, time and love will help you get through it

What You Can Do when Someones Baby Dies

What do you do when someone’s baby dies? How can you help, when you feel so helpless? Read here for 14 great ideas and tips

The Shock when a Friend’s Baby Dies

Has your loved one just lost a baby? Don’t know what to do or say? A survivor speaks out in support

My Baby has Died. Do I have to Stay in the Maternity Ward?

If your baby has died, you don’t have to stay in the maternity ward. But you might find that doing so is actually helpful

Stillbirth: a Subject still Largely Ignored

In the developed world alone, 1 out of every 148 babies is born dead. Almost four times as many babies are stillborn, compared with those who die from SIDS. Yet stillbirth remains an issue that’s largely ignored.

We just Found Out that Our Baby has Died. What do we Do Now?

If your unborn baby dies, should you wait or be induced? What do you tell people who comment about your pregnant belly? More.

When everyone else leaves the hospital with their new baby – except you

Please don’t place a newly bereaved mother in a maternity ward bed. It’s the worst thing you could do to her and her husband. It’s also sad and difficult for the other mothers and fathers in the same room.