american_flag._200.jpgCharlie's Leaf (online petition for greater support for parents who've lost a baby during pregnancy. Seeking to amend the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993)

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope (Online support, face-to-face support, extensive resources. Over 125 support groups in the USA, Canada and Australia)

Grieve Out Loud (support for families & friends, as well as education & information for the professional community)

Medical Malpractice Help  (information re: complications and concerns which may arise during childbirth)

October 15th (support groups, other resources)

Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc (bereavement support to families)

The Compassionate Friends (support groups)

Topamax Lawsuit (Topamax side effects include oral birth defects in newborns if the mother takes this medication during pregnancy)