professionals_webpage.jpg Thank you for visiting this website. We have three objectives:

  • to promote awareness and encourage further research into the area of pregnancy and infant loss;
  • to support people who have suffered from pregnancy or infant loss: parents, family & friends; and
  • to provide useful information and resources: to parents, family & friends, and professionals

Of utmost importance is our RED ALERT section -- with information that saves babies' lives.

We understand that professionals are often confronted with having to provide painful news to their patients /clients. We are schooled to maintain appropriate professional detachment, but often feel that it would be helpful to be able to enhance our ‘bedside manner’. This can be especially challenging in terms of pregnancy and infant loss, as a sensitive matter, shrouded in the mystery imposed upon it by social taboo.

Whilst this website is not affiliated with any organisation and does not wish to engage in any controversy, we screen and publish appropriate petitions in our effort to raise awareness, and thereby help break down this social taboo. We welcome you to read and sign the petitions, if you so choose. Through ‘cause and effect’, this will surely benefit your profession as well: both by strengthening the overall knowledge base for working with these patients / clients; and by helping to alleviate the trauma they experience at the present time.

People contributing articles to this website are those who have lost babies themselves, or have worked with patients / clients who have grieved their loved ones. Each article on this website has been published based on its considerable merit for helping professionals, parents, family or friends. We welcome your contributions as well, and look forward to receiving your comments or articles.

We thank you for being a caring and supportive professional. It is doctors, psychologists, obstetricians, midwives, etc such as yourself who make our journey through grief much easier.