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Since pregnancy and infant loss are not openly discussed in Western society, each one of us felt ‘alone’ and suffered in silence. Our grief tended to “come and go in waves” and it seemed like it was never going to end. There seemed to be pregnant women and babies everywhere we looked, so we’d be ‘triggered’ into our grief over and over again, each day.

To make matters worse, it seemed like everyone we knew ‘said the wrong thing’: deep down, we knew they meant well and were just trying to be of comfort. But instead they ‘put their foot in their mouth’ whether they realized it or not.

Maybe the hardest thing of all is that we didn’t know what to say when people asked us about what happened. After all, how do you let people know you lost a baby without making them feel bad or uncomfortable?

If this sounds familiar, we hope it comforts you to realise you are no longer alone. We hope it also helps you (as it helped us) to know that other people know have shared similar feelings and thoughts that you have. This website has been created to offer you support, resources and hope at this very difficult time.

This website draws from the wealth of our shared experience with pregnancy and infant loss. Please enjoy the variety of articles here, based on our personal journeys. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, please send us an email (see Contact Us), and we will reply promptly.

You will discover that at a time when we all feel so powerless, there are actually many things you can do: to both honour your baby, and move through the grief more quickly.

Information is power, and time heals all. And like us, you will be surprised:

Before we knew it, we could enjoy the company of other people’s babies again. We could once again feel that familiar joy, that we felt before our horrible losses. Today we can look at these babies, instead of looking the other way. We no longer dread baby showers, and the births of other babies --- when we used to fear what it would be like to have the baby placed in our arms. We no longer feared trying to conceive again, wondering if our personal history ‘would repeat itself’. And so we finally managed to return to living normally, and many of us went on to give birth to healthy babies.

This might sound impossible right now, but it will happen for you too. These are the great truths we share, in our happy lives after the grief has gone.

We find that we have never stopped loving the babies we lost: this love stays with us, but comfortably today. The grief eventually ends, but our love roars on.

If you would like to contribute to this website, we welcome your comments and articles. You’ll find it’s very easy to submit this information. Your contributions will add to the valuable resources that are on offer here for all visitors.

As well as a source of information, we welcome you to share your experience, strength and hope.
We hope you enjoy exploring our website, and visit frequently. We care about every visitor, and we are going to help you through this.