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contact_us.jpgPregnancy and infant loss is such a sensitive issue. As parents, family, friends or professionals, we find ourselves wondering about what we can do. And about how we should respond.


What do we say to parents who have just lost a baby? What should we avoid saying? Or should we say anything at all?


Doctors often wonder how they can help their grieving patient: What is the best ‘bedside manner’ to adopt? What can be done to help the parents? What resources are available?


Perhaps it is the bereaved parent who has the most questions of all: Why did this happen to me? What happened to my baby? What do I do now? What do I tell people who ask about my baby?


And more.


Whatever is on your mind, feel free to ask us. Whether you are the baby’s parent, other family member or friend, or a professional wanting to help you patient – we welcome any and all questions of any nature. We’re here to help.



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