Personal Stories

parents_cate.jpgIn this section, we share our personal experiences of pregnancy and infant loss.

Everyone’s story is unique, but you will also find a surprising number of similarities – whether the parents lost one baby or more; and whether the baby died due to miscarriage, stillbirth, neo natal death, or if the pregnancy was terminated for any reason.

Our common experience is that losing a baby is always hard: at whatever stage in the pregnancy or after birth, and for whatever reason:  “Grief is grief, loss is loss”.


Our hope in sharing these stories is to help all visitors to our website:

  • To provide comfort to bereaved parents, by letting them identify with others, realizing they are actually not alone;
  • To support family and friends, helping them to appreciate the depth of loss; and
  • To help doctors, midwives, psychologists, etc – who are confronted by such tragedy in the course of their work, we hope these stories provide you with a useful resource


These are personal stories of tragedy and triumph; of hope and inspiration; of love and courage. We hope you find them useful.


If you wish to share your story on our website, please contact us.

The Tenth Anniversary of Our Babies Passing

True story: one mother's reflections on the 10th anniversary of the loss of her stillborn babies. A loving memoir

The Day my Twin Babies Died

One mother’s brave story: when she lost her twins to TTTS. Everything had seemed normal until then

Twice the Loss Double the Grief

One woman’s brave, personal story of having had two miscarriages. Now in recovery, Debbie shares with us about what’s been helping her with the grief

A Nurse and Miscarriage Survivor offers Support

Hope, Courage and Medical Knowledge: Support from a Survivor of Recurrent Miscarriage

The Birth Story of Sybella

A mother’s beautiful tribute to her stillborn baby, & love for her husband. Also described: helpful and unhelpful medical care

I Cannot Find a Heartbeat

Trudi and her husband, Anthony, lost twin girls to TTTS. Here she shares part of her story: her memory of what it was like when they were first told that their babies had died. Trudi is co founder of Teddy Love Club Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support (Australia)