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professionals_webpage.jpgProviding painful news to patients is confronting for doctors and obstetricians.  Pregnancy and infant loss is a sensitive issue, rendering the search for the best 'bedside manner' a challenge. Here we offer effective suggestions. Click here for related articles, on this website.

In the wake of loss,grieving parents approach psychologists, social workers and other health professionals. Relevant information and resources are offered here.

People contributing articles to this website are:

  • those who have lost babies themselves; and
  • those who have worked with patients / clients who have grieved their loved ones.

Each article has been published based on its considerable merit for helping professionals, parents, family or friends.

Please also see our RED ALERT section -- information that could save an unborn baby's life.

We welcome your contributions as well, and look forward to receiving your professional comments or articles. To submit articles, etc please click here. Thank you.

After Miscarriage: What do we do Now?

If you’ve lost a baby, you can have a funeral, cremation or other service. It's a special way to honour the baby, and to help you heal from the grief

SIDS: Is Hope Finally on the Horizon?

New research reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association: link confirmed between SIDS and serotonin. Hope for developing both a test for detection, and for treatment

How to Deal with your Baby’s Death

Tips for parents whose baby has died shortly after birth. Resources, support, and tips for how to cope as well as possible

A Funeral for our Baby

Practical tips and benefits of holding a funeral for your baby. One couple's experiences and encouragement to others

Group Helps Mothers Bear with Grief

Canada's Bears for Bereaved Mommies: helping grieving parents since 2004

My Baby has Died. Do I have to Stay in the Maternity Ward?

If your baby has died, you don’t have to stay in the maternity ward. But you might find that doing so is actually helpful

Tips for How to Tell People that your Baby has Died

If your baby has died, there are a number of ways you can tell loved ones, co-workers etc. Here are some options and tips

Finding Hope and Healing

An aunt speaks about the stillbirth of her nephew, and how her nephew inspired her to build an organization that supports families who experience pregnancy loss and infant death

We Almost got Divorced when our Baby Died

Different people react in different ways to the death of their baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or postnatal causes. For a couple, this can be enormously stressful, and can even seriously threaten their relationship.

If it was "only" a miscarriage, then why am I so upset?

Many people don’t think of miscarriage as the death of a baby. Instead, they often view it as a common event, and as the end of a pregnancy. As a result, parents who have suffered a miscarriage often believe they shouldn't be upset – even that they don’t have the right to feel any pain.