For Parents

parents_1.jpgPlease also see our RED ALERT section -- information that could save an unborn baby's life.

Please accept our heartfelt condolences for the loss of your baby. Most of us here have lost babies too, so we know – firsthand – the depth of your pain.

Since pregnancy and infant loss are not openly discussed in Western society, each of us once felt ‘alone’ and suffered in silence.

You are no longer alone. We have shared feelings and thoughts that you are likely experiencing. And many of us now live with happiness and acceptance. In time, you will too.

Here you will find hope. “Time heals all” -- even this horrible grief. You will shift through your grief more quickly by taking advantage of resources like this website. You will be informed, empowered and strengthened by the recovery we all share. We are your community.

Your thoughts and feelings will be quickly ‘normalised’, and your grief will eventually go away. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But it will go away.

We hope you’ll visit our website often: it’s updated very frequently. We care about every visitor, and we are going to help you through this.

Where to Find Hope and Support for Bereaved Parents

The Compassionate Friends is a world-wide charity for bereaved parents. They provide hope, healing and resources. There’s no pressure; it’s all very relaxed. And they really help you through the grief.

Losing a Full Term Baby when Premature Babies Survive

Losing a baby at any stage is very sad. But when you have a full-term baby who dies in hospital, and you look at the tiny, red, premature infants who you know will pull through … it doesn’t seem to make sense.

What to do when a loved one “says the wrong thing”

They mean well. They care about us. But, all too often, our loved ones’ reactions to our loss actually make our grief even worse. Here’s a really effective tool – not just for coping – but for dealing with this, whenever it happens.

Support Groups for Grieving Parents Around the World

"Compassionate Friends" has been operating for decades, providing support to parents whose babies and children have died.

Memorial Service for Bereaved Parents

A very special memorial service for bereaved families. For parents whose children have died during pregnancy (miscarriage or stillbirth), as infants, or at any age.

Iodine Deficiency Linked to Pregnancy Loss

Iodine deficiency affects fertility, increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion, and can have devastating effects on newborns and young infants. Luckily, iodine deficiency is easily preventable.

How do I break the news to my other children?

Practical and caring suggestions for what to tell the baby's siblings: if they knew about the pregnancy, but now the baby is lost. Suggestions for small children and older ones.

What You Can Do -- When You Feel so Powerless

In most cases, nothing could have prevented our pregnancy and infant loss. So we felt so very powerless. Here are ways for grieving parents to feel empowered again

Blog Boards Heal

Join a blog board for pregnancy and infant loss: it helps us get through our grief more quickly