For Parents

parents_1.jpgPlease also see our RED ALERT section -- information that could save an unborn baby's life.

Please accept our heartfelt condolences for the loss of your baby. Most of us here have lost babies too, so we know – firsthand – the depth of your pain.

Since pregnancy and infant loss are not openly discussed in Western society, each of us once felt ‘alone’ and suffered in silence.

You are no longer alone. We have shared feelings and thoughts that you are likely experiencing. And many of us now live with happiness and acceptance. In time, you will too.

Here you will find hope. “Time heals all” -- even this horrible grief. You will shift through your grief more quickly by taking advantage of resources like this website. You will be informed, empowered and strengthened by the recovery we all share. We are your community.

Your thoughts and feelings will be quickly ‘normalised’, and your grief will eventually go away. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But it will go away.

We hope you’ll visit our website often: it’s updated very frequently. We care about every visitor, and we are going to help you through this.

Losing your Last Baby

Infertility or “secondary infertility” represents a double loss, when a baby dies

New Book to Help Bereaved Parents

“Beyond Pregnancy Loss” is a new book for parents who have lost babies due to miscarriage, or stillbirth

Getting Over the Loss of Your Baby

Everyone works through grief at their own pace. Hope, time and love will help you get through it

Fish is Healthy for Mother and Baby

Some people are worried about mercury levels in fish. But eating fish during pregnancy or breastfeeding is safe with this easy guide

Rainbow Baby

What it's like to be pregnant again after losing a baby. Faith and anxiety, hope and doubt. A true story of love and courage.

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) has a high mortality rate for babies during pregnancy.  Here are the facts about TTTS

Baby Dies from Haemophilus Influenza

The mother nearly died too. The cause of infection is unknown, but assumed to have stemmed from “aggressive” digital exam of the mother’s cervix

After Miscarriage: What do we do Now?

If you’ve lost a baby, you can have a funeral, cremation or other service. It's a special way to honour the baby, and to help you heal from the grief

SIDS: Is Hope Finally on the Horizon?

New research reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association: link confirmed between SIDS and serotonin. Hope for developing both a test for detection, and for treatment

How to Deal with your Baby’s Death

Tips for parents whose baby has died shortly after birth. Resources, support, and tips for how to cope as well as possible