For Parents

parents_1.jpgPlease also see our RED ALERT section -- information that could save an unborn baby's life.

Please accept our heartfelt condolences for the loss of your baby. Most of us here have lost babies too, so we know – firsthand – the depth of your pain.

Since pregnancy and infant loss are not openly discussed in Western society, each of us once felt ‘alone’ and suffered in silence.

You are no longer alone. We have shared feelings and thoughts that you are likely experiencing. And many of us now live with happiness and acceptance. In time, you will too.

Here you will find hope. “Time heals all” -- even this horrible grief. You will shift through your grief more quickly by taking advantage of resources like this website. You will be informed, empowered and strengthened by the recovery we all share. We are your community.

Your thoughts and feelings will be quickly ‘normalised’, and your grief will eventually go away. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But it will go away.

We hope you’ll visit our website often: it’s updated very frequently. We care about every visitor, and we are going to help you through this.

A Fathers Story of Miscarriage

A father’s true story of miscarriage. A must read for bereaved fathers and mothers, their friends and family, and professionals

People May Not Understand

Our 3rd excerpt from a new e-book, written by a counsellor and life coach who has also lost a baby.

Have Compassion for Yourself

Our second excerpt from a new e-book, written by a counsellor and life coach who has also lost a baby

You are Not Going Crazy

Free E-Book: self help for pregnancy and infant loss. By a counsellor, life coach, writer and activist who has also lost a baby. This is the first excerpt of several we will be posting. 

Tips for Couples When Baby Dies

Tips on how to strengthen your relationship: from a couple married now for 52 years, and who lost 5 babies decades ago... (The third in a series of four related articles by Bridget)

Tips for the Dad When Baby Dies

Practical Tips from a father who lost more than one baby, and overcame the grief. The 2nd of 4 articles that help us understand each other’s grief

A Mothers Grief when Baby Dies

“My partner does not seem to understand how I’m feeling.” The first of 4 articles written to help us understand what’s going on for each other

Free Prayer Service

Online service from a Reverend who has personally overcome parental grief

The Cure for Grief

What's worked for me and others. So simple, and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Baby Loss Christmas Poem

Year after year, Christmas can be a difficult time for parents who have lost babies. This poem offers comfort