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When someone loses a baby, it’s so hard to find the ‘right words’ to say. We want to show we care, but we don’t want to say anything that might be taken the wrong way.

This website is designed to help. For example, one category here – “What Can I Say?” – offers suggestions for what say to grieving parents. Every time you visit this website, you will find more information and updates. We hope you visit often.

You might also want to contact us. As a caring range of different people – both survivors of pregnancy and infant loss, as well as professionals – we draw upon a wealth of diverse knowledge to answer all of your questions.

Thank you for visiting our website. Caring family members and friends, like yourself, make it easier

If it was "only" a miscarriage, then why am I so upset?

Many people don’t think of miscarriage as the death of a baby. Instead, they often view it as a common event, and as the end of a pregnancy. As a result, parents who have suffered a miscarriage often believe they shouldn't be upset – even that they don’t have the right to feel any pain.

Where to Find Hope and Support for Bereaved Parents

The Compassionate Friends is a world-wide charity for bereaved parents. They provide hope, healing and resources. There’s no pressure; it’s all very relaxed. And they really help you through the grief.

Support Groups for Grieving Parents Around the World

"Compassionate Friends" has been operating for decades, providing support to parents whose babies and children have died.

Iodine Deficiency Linked to Pregnancy Loss

Iodine deficiency affects fertility, increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion, and can have devastating effects on newborns and young infants. Luckily, iodine deficiency is easily preventable.