A Nurse and Miscarriage Survivor offers Support

miscarriage_supportMy name is Judith. In February 2010 I was presented with an opportunity to change my life and give back. It was 13 years since I had my first of 4 miscarriages and still I felt a failure for not being able to do what I thought millions of women do easily every year: have a child.


 In January 2002, I finally had Jade, my only child. It was a tough pregnancy with some bleeding, an amniocentesis and being stuck at the Toronto Pearson airport when the World Trade Centre was destroyed. My employer had no idea that I was pregnant, so I could only share my fears with my closest friend.


Jade was born 5 weeks early and stayed in a neonatal unit for one week. During that week my emotions (somewhat driven by hormones) ranged from elation to all consuming fear. I have to admit that fear prevented me from completely bonding with Jade for some time: I was basically afraid of losing her.


Jade is now a beautiful 8 year old and my Higher Power has also given me the honour of being a stepmum to Julian, a wonderfully vibrant, 10 years old boy. Still today when I should be grateful to have these two children in my life, I am often afraid of losing them.


During the last 13 years I have never really resolved any of the emotions I have about losing 4 pregnancies and also the traumatic circumstances that occurred when I had Jade. But what I have found is that sharing my emotions and feelings with a trusted friend helps, even if that friend has not miscarried. I have also developed a relationship with a Higher Power of my understanding. So when that fear becomes too much, I have somewhere to turn.


I discovered that there is very little support for women and their families, who have experienced this kind of loss. So I decided to provide that service myself. I qualified as a Registered Nurse in the UK and spent 17 years in the pharmaceutical industry. So I also understand the medical aspects of miscarriage.


I have met many women who have completely unresolved feelings about their loss, and have said they would love to have a place to share and hear some courage, strength and hope. Hence, my program, Walk with Jude Inc. was born. Saint Jude is the patron saint of hopeless situations. I couldn’t think of anything more fitting! Read more here

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